'Final Destination 5' Just An Excuse For Bizarre Death (VIDEO)

Final Destination 5 opens in theaters nationwide on Friday and contrary to the main premise of the film, death does not come for everyone. Or, at least, it seems averse to coming for a series of films long past their prime. Really, did we need another 10 bizarre deaths? Weren't the first 40 (or so) enough? 

Past films have made us scared to go on airplanes, drive behind logging trucks, get on airplanes, take a shower, turn on a ceiling fan and pretty much do or say anything that might be construed as "fitting" soon after.

In other words, "I've got my eye on you" will likely be taken literally at some point. Now it seems Lasik surgery itself has become pretty terrifying. See below:


The movies are really just an excuse to gross us all out with bizarre, disturbing and creative deaths and since the franchise won't die, it seems they are onto something.

I saw the first one in 2000 and loved it, but 11 years later, I have moved on. Apparently the movies have not. The first one was unique and cool. The idea that death will come and find you no matter what once you have been "called"? Terrifying. The same idea five movies in a row? Dullsville.

It will probably do well because who does not like to see beautiful people hacked to death in surprising and creative ways? But I will probably sit this one out and wait for it to come on HBO. 

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