'True Blood' Renewed: Shocking Season 5 Predictions!

true blood castOkay, Truebies, collective sigh of relief: HBO announced today that they're renewing True Blood for a fifth season! Woo-hoo! I never really doubted they would, but I must say it's nice to know I won't have to plot out any elaborate protests outside HBO headquarters.

So if the hints creator Alan Ball has been dropping are any indication, we can expect still more supernatural breeds to show up in Bon Temps ... ooooh, were-tigers!!! And Ball better make good on his promise to indulge in a little time travel-trickery so we can finally see the epic moment when Eric turned Pam into a vampire. (By the way, I REALLY REALLY want them to fix Pam's face. Like, stat. I can't stand that rotting corpse makeup for one more minute!)

Sadly, Season 5 hasn't even started filming yet, so it'll be a while before any footage gets leaked. But I have a few predictions of my own to make ...


Eric will get his memory back, at which point he'll immediately start making up for all the time he spent this season bowing down to "King" Bill. Sacrilege!! I can't wait to see the fear in Bill's eyes again.

This pains me to say, but once Eric gets his memory back, Sookie will probably get all morally superior and decide she can't be with a violent Viking vamp after all. Puh-leeze. As Lafayette might say, "Hookah, you ain't foolin' nobody. We know you like it rough."

Speaking of Lafayette, my favorite short-order cook will ditch that severely lacking-in-attitude boyfriend Jesus and find a better use for his time. Much as he "hates" Eric now, I still think they make a good team, professionally. I see a business deal in their future ...

Jason will accidentally drown while brushing his teeth. I'm sorry, he's cute and all, but that dumb blonde thing is starting to get on my last nerve.

Sam and Luna will make their relationship work, at least for a little while. She's hot, she's a shifter, she "gets" him ... probably things will fall apart when Sam kills her babydaddy in self-defense, but maybe not.

Hoyt will be long gone by next season, which is fine with me ... because Jessica needs to hook up with Pam. Yes!! Talk about a power couple. Tara's lesbian romance = boring. Jessica and Pam's lesbian romance = HOT.

What predictions are you making for Season 5 of True Blood?


Image via HBO

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