'RHONJ' Kim G. & Michael Lohan Are a Reality Couple From Hell

kim g.Kim G. can't stop, won't stop. The peripheral next door neighbor on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Kim G. made a D-list name for herself last season by being a totally annoying, nosy, immature old lady who stopped at nothing to get on camera. Her two-face shit stirring was so repulsive that even Bravo execs were like, thanks but no thanks -- Kim G. technically wasn't invited back for season three of the RHONJ. Suddenly discovering she was alone, talentless, and out of the limelight, Kim G. knew what she had to do. Enter Michael Lohan.

Kim G. has gotten so desperate for that dim spotlight she found on season two that's now dangling by wires about to fall on her head and kill her that she's decided to date Lindsay's dad, Michael Lohan. And of course she gave an interview about their relationship, of course she did.


Kim G. told RumorFix.com that no, it's not a rumor at all, she and Lohan are actually an item.


She says (now get your vom bags ready):

He is always so willing to help out. He is very outgoing and nice and kind to everyone. He likes to get up before me and makes breakfast or goes out and gets it. I have never had anyone wait on me like that. As far as a lover, I don’t want to comment other than he is very affectionate.

OMG Kim G. and Michael Lohan are doing it?!? Gross!!! Do you think they're shopping around a reality show about their lives together? I seriously would not put it past either of them. Kim G. will stop at nothing and Lohan is just as bad. Oh did I mention he flew her down to visit him in Celebrity Rehab? Think Kim G. went to a) bone a fragile and addicted Lohan, b) cozy up to Dr. Drew, c) try and make a scene in order to get some camera time, d) start shooting up while at the rehab center in an effort to be cast on the show, e) all of the above.

The dynamic duo has been a pair since January, and with Kim G. living in New Jersey and Lohan a stone's throw away in New York, we could be seeing more of these bottom-feeding fame whores. Joy.

Do you think Kim G. and Michael Lohan deserve each other? Me too.

Photo via Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

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