Heather Locklear Proves Nepotism Is Alive and Well

Heather Locklear either has some damn good genes, or she's had a teeeeeeeeny amount of (boobies) work done recently (TITS!). Either way, she looks fantastic for her age, and it turns out she has a 13-year-old daughter who's clearly inherited her mom's ability to shine behind the camera. Ava Sambora is the offspring of Locklear and her onetime husband, Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora, and thanks to Judd Apatow, you're about to see lots more of Ava on the big screen.

Um, whoah, that sounded unintentionally dirty. To be clear, I'm not saying a 13-year-old girl is going to appear in a salacious role in a Judd Apatow movie, even though ... well, it IS Judd Apatow. I'm saying she's set to make a cameo in the his as-yet-untitled spin-off of Knocked Up. I'm sure she'll be clothed. I think.


Anyway, it's quite the launchpad for a young girl's movie career, wouldn't you say? Ah, Hollywood nepotism—gotta love it.

Ava's no stranger to public attention, since not only does she have two famous parents, she's also been modeling for at least a year. She made her modeling debut at the LA Fashion Week kickoff last March where she strolled the catwalk for the line White Trash Beautiful. Which just so happens to be created by her father Richie Sambora.

So let's see, her rocker dad, who has probably banged at least twelve thousand and seven models in his lifetime, made his preteen daughter the star of his fashion launch. And her actress mom, who has been so hounded by paparazzi that her 2008 DUI arrest may have been engineered by an ex-Us Weekly staffer, has now helped her kid make it into a big-budget movie with one of the hottest directors in Hollywood.

Seems ... weird, is all I'm saying. After years in the entertainment meat grinder, I think I'd be hoping my kid had dreams of running their own beet farm—or maybe even, like, attending college.

You can't blame Ava for jumping at the opportunities handed her way, of course. What teenage girl wouldn't kill for the chance to model at Fashion Week or appear in what will likely be one of the more popular comedies of 2012? It does make you wonder about how many young actresses get passed by for people who are already involved in the industry, though. If I were sitting in the waiting room getting ready to do a reading for Judd Apatow, I'd be seriously bummed to see Heather Locklear's kid come moseying in, because DAMMIT.

With her mom's good looks and her lucky setup, I'm certain this is just the beginning for Ava's movie career. Good for her, and let's hope she avoids some of the more common young-star pitfalls that seem almost inevitable these days. (Memo to Ava: no matter what, AVOID LINDSAY LOHAN.)

Did you know Heather Locklear had a daughter? Do you think she'll be showing up in more movies as she gets older?

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