Kate Middleton Can't Be Both Pregnant & Too Thin

Kate middletonIt's so funny to me (probably not to her). One minute the tabloids are saying that Kate Middleton is so dangerously thin there's no way on God's green earth she could possibly get pregnant. The next, they're saying she already is pregnant. What gives?

This morning, while perusing my Google Reader over coffee, I came across a sparkly, little gem that caught my eye. It read, "Duchess of Cambridge Already Pregnant by Prince William?" Of course I clicked -- wouldn't you? Then, lo and behold was a story with a lot of "some sources say," accompanied by speculation that because she was seen not drinking alcohol, she must be pregnant.

Kate Middleton wasn't drinking alcohol?!!! Alert the media!!!


I get that being written about comes with the territory of being, well, the future Queen of England. Hell, I'm writing about her right now. But lay off her with the pregnancy crap. What if she really can't get pregnant -- for a reason that has nothing to do with her weight. I don't think it would be much fun switching on your computer each morning to be reminded of it. Especially if the reason were a total lie.

And another thing -- Kate seems like one of the sweetest, kindest, most innocent people around. I challenge you to find one bad thing she's done. Why write anything about her other than how luxurious her locks are, or how how she has a lovely disposition? If rag mags and gossip blogs want to churn the rumor mill about someone like, say, Lindsay Lohan, have at it. But leave Kate alone.

I'm sure Kate was prepped on how to deal with the media before she and Prince William tied the knot. But I wonder if she ever expected all this pregnancy crap. I guess so, right, as Princess Di went through the same thing. But, man, I'm sure it still hurts.

Do you think the media should back off of Duchess Catherine?


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