Ashton Kutcher Should Not Be Our Highest-Paid TV Star

ashton kutcherRemember back when Ashton Kutcher was just a lovable hottie pissing off celebs on Punk'd? I don't know what happened between then and now, but somehow over the years, Kutcher morphed from a likable funnyman into one of the most annoying guys in Hollywood. (I don't want to say it all started with Just Married, but I have my theories.) But Kutcher probably doesn't give two poops what I think about him because right now he's laughing all the way to the bank. According to a TV Guide report, the newest cast member of Two and a Half Men is going to make a whopping $700,000 an episode.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ashton Kutcher is now our highest-paid TV sitcom star.


It used to be Charlie Sheen, who raked in an astounding $1.2 million paycheck per episode, but now folks, it's Mr. Demi Moore. I guess CBS has the utmost confidence in this guy because $700K is a lot to be doling out to a rookie. I mean, it's not exactly like Kutcher won any Emmys on That '70s Show, or any Oscars for Dude Where's My Car ... there's only so far a good head of hair and a gorgeous smile can take you.

CBS president Nina Tassler disagrees with me. She told the Television Critics Association panel:

There is great value in hiring an actor like Ashton Kutcher. He is an extraordinarily professional, talented, funny, gifted actor who comes with a tremendous amount of commitment and enthusiasm, embraced by an extraordinarily talented cast.

Well Tassler and I do agree on one thing -- Kutcher is definitely enthusiastic. I would be freaking bouncing-off-every-wall-everywhere enthusiastic too if I were the richest man on TV.

Two and a Half Men premieres Monday, September 19, so we'll find out then whether or not Kutcher deserves his massive paycheck. And yeah, I do think that after the first episode, we'll know if he's a keeper or, as I predict, an over-acting spazz ball in need of some Ritalin.

I think CBS went a little overboard with Kutcher's salary, but if the show is amazing and Kutcher pulls through, maybe he'll be worth every penny.

What do you think?

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