Jennifer Grey Is Crazy to Support 'Dirty Dancing' Remake

johnny baby dirty dancing 1987Oh no, say it isn't so. Jennifer Grey is "excited" for Lionsgate's Dirty Dancing remake. The actress, who originated the role of Frances "Baby" Houseman in the 1987 CLASSIC (ahem) film, tweeted that she's cool with the reboot, because she "trusts that [choreographer, producer, and director] Kenny Ortega will do something special." If you're not familiar, Ortega choregraphed Dirty Dancing, but his most recent work includes Michael Jackson's This Is It tour, and wait for it, High School Musical ... Oh, and let's not forget the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert! Whoo!

Okay, I have nothing but love for the guy (I've met him before, he's a real character and very nice), but he hasn't exactly brought the same heat he did with Patrick and Jennifer ever since.


In fact, it's almost as if he's in Disney's pocket of pure and squeaky-clean entertainment, and if THAT'S the direction this remake is headed in, we Baby and Johnny fans are even more screwed than I initially thought.

If it MUST be regurgitated, Dirty Dancing has to remain true to its name and its legacy. It was a film that lots o' parents were leery of their kids watching well into the '90s, due to the "adult themes" (ahem, abortion, sex, dancing that looked not-so-vaguely like humping). It is also a film that taught said kids (*raising my hand*) a lot about growing up, just like Baby did that fateful summer. It would be an utter tragedy if it were turned into High School Musical Goes to Summer Camp! Ugh!

To some extent, I appreciate that artists who were behind the first film -- like Grey and Ortega -- are vouching for this reboot. Even Eleanor Bergstein, who wrote the pretty much autobiographical script, may be "involved in some capacity," according to Lionsgate. But I still hold that it's a.) far too soon and b.) a huge mistake. Riddle me this, eh: Is Bergstein going to adapt her heart-and-soul-bearing story to a different era? Is a film made in 1987 about 1963 going to be shot in 2011 ... about 2011? Or AGAIN about 1963? Which would make sense, being that the "icky" illegal abortion plot line is imperative to the overall story. (I am banging ... my ... head ... against ... the WALL.)

All of that said ... is Jennifer crazy? We know just how much she misses Patrick Swayze. (Did you see her heartwrenching breakdown on Dancing With the Stars?) She knows how loyal Dirty Dancing fans have been over the years to both of them. I'm shocked Jennifer doesn't realize that the magic she and Patrick created in that film cannot and should not ever be re-created. What she should be saying to Kenny and Lionsgate is, "Butt out, Baby! ... and write something original dammit!"

What do you think of Jennifer's reaction?

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