'Crazy About Pippa' Spills Secrets About Kate's Younger Sister

pippa middletonIn spite of the fact that my TiVo is as backed up as the day is long from 10 days out of town, I still carved out time to watch TLC's hour-long special on Pippa Middleton last night, aptly called Crazy About Pippa. Good Lord, was it worth it.

If you're not a fan of Duchess Catherine's younger sibling (like my seriously perturbed husband who couldn't, for the life of him, understand why we weren't catching up on True Blood), this special would mean nothing to you. In fact, you might even call it crap, as the subject herself wasn't once interviewed, and we've already seen a majority of the images. A million times.

However, if you're a fan of Pippa, as I vehemently am, the program was riveting. Not only did we get to stare at the pretty, spray-tanned Brit for 60 glorious minutes, we actually learned things about her that hadn't yet been published. Who knew?

Here are 5 things I learned about Pippa last night.


She's really smart. Apparently, the youngest Middleton was an excellent student in school. In fact, "Pippa experts" in the show made mention of how she was a significantly better student than her sister, Kate (grades don't really matter for Kate now, do they?). At the University of Edinburgh, where she studied English Literature, she earned the nickname "Perfect Pippa" because she was just so damn good at everything -- including grades.

She's the "heart and soul" of the party. Word on the English street is, if you want a good party, invite Pippa. The normally reserved-looking brunette allegedly really cuts loose at the swanky parties she's always going to -- and she wants everyone else to do the same. She's supposedly always making sure everyone's got a drink and the music's just right.

Her "cousin" is out of control jealous of her! So, as I said, Pippa herself wasn't interviewed; instead there was a panel of "experts," which included random relatives of hers, like this second cousin, Katrina Darling, who evidently hasn't even seen or talked to Pippa in years -- she barely knows her! This woman, a burlesque performer, kept taking these weird little jabs at Pippa, saying things like, "Pippa was the nanny type. I was allowed to ride my bike around when I was younger. Pippa was off playing with her nannies," and, "I think all this fuss about her bottom is silly." Me-ow.

She was raised to marry royalty. Or at least someone super fancy and rich. According to the special, Carole Middleton, Kate and Pippa's mum, always wanted her girls to marry well, which is why she spent the money on fancy private schools, vacations, etc. So far so good, as the special also revealed that Pippa always dated men who came from really "important" families in college.

She loves the attention and her every move is calculated. Including the fact that we've never heard a peep from her. And that's smart, isn't it? Because it only leaves us wanting more.

Did you watch the Pippa special? What do you think of her?


Image via Clive Brunskill/Getty

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