Sinead O'Connor Proves Nothing Compares 2 Youth

I just checked, and yep—I still have a Sinead O'Connor CD in my car. (Remember the round silver things that played music, that came out after the big round black things?) Ah, old school Sinead, there's never been anything quite like her. I still get chills when I listen to some of her songs, especially the ones in which she unleashes that desperate-angry-sounding howl she did so well. ("There is no other TROOOOOYYYYY ... for me to burrrrrrrnn ...") I haven't thought much about how she's changed over the years, because in my mind she's still the gorgeous, doe-eyed, dimpled bald beauty who once had the balls to rip up a photo of Pope John Paul II on Saturday Night Live.

Except, well ... not so much. Age spares no man or, in this case, no woman.


Sinead was recently photographed during her performance as a backup singer at the Bray Seaside Festival Ireland, and—wow, she looks really, really different. Like, Nothing Compared 2 Before:

Look, I don't want to criticize. I've certainly succumbed to the ravages of time, in that my entire midsection looks like something taken out of the oven halfway through the baking process, no matter how many crunches I do. But wow, that shirt.

It's just really surprising to see how much she's changed from this:

(Also, in case you were thinking that first shot was just a really unflattering image or something, here's another picture of her from last month in Manchester, England.)

I swear I've seen photos as recent as three or four years ago where she essentially looked like a gracefully-aged version of her bald self, but at 44, she must be feeling like fuck it, I'm middle aged, I've got 4 kids, I don't need to sell an image anymore.

She never seemed like she was purposefully trying to sell beauty along with her voice, but let's be honest: being drop-dead gorgeous probably helped her fame quite a bit back in the day. In the years since, she's quietly continued releasing music, but she's been almost completely out of the spotlight. What's the point in battling to stay in the same shape she was in 20 years ago, right?

Plus, she's had some personal issues to deal with. After famously coming out as a lesbian in 2005, she later declared, "I'm three-quarters heterosexual, a quarter gay." O'Connor also admitted she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had attempted suicide on her 33rd birthday in 1999.

I have to admit it's a bit shocking to see her now, but her voice reportedly sounds as amazing as ever. As a reminder of her musical heyday, here's a video of one of my all-time favorite songs of hers:

Are you surprised to see how Sinead O'Connor has aged?

Images via Splash News, Sinead O'Connor

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