'Watch the Throne' Reviews Show Kanye & Jay-Z on Top of Their Game

watch the thrown'Watch the Throne' album coverKanye West and Jay-Z are undoubtedly two of the biggest names in hip hop today. Music from these two artists was definitely a favorite diversion for me in high school and college, a time when I more typically tuned into Billboard Top 100 songs. Now, with their highly anticipated release of their collaborative album Watch the Throne, which hit iTunes at midnight, the two superstar moguls are back again and ready to make a splash.

Featuring artists like Frank Ocean, Beyonce, and Otis Redding, Watch the Throne has all the musical ingredients for success. So what are the critics saying about their newest gig? Check out Watch the Throne reviews after the jump.


Dan Aquilante, The New York Post:

Watch the Throne is neither West's nor Jay-Z's best, but count it as a success, especially getting two performers as dynamic and egomaniacal as this duo to mesh into a cohesive team.

Darryl Sterdan, The Toronto Sun:

Some songs kick it old-school, sampling classics by James Brown or Otis Redding; others flash forward into of-the-moment fare like dubstep. Somehow, it all works, fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle -- and adding up to a crowning achievement for both men.

Jed Gottlieb, The Boston Herald:

Fat chunks of these 12 tracks (16 if you spring for the deluxe edition) are standard exercises in braggadocio. Loads of that same "I'm the man!" "No, I'm the man!" stuff we've heard for years, which, admittedly, can make for fun listening.

Reeves Wiedeman, The New Yorker:

It lacks the majesty of West's last record, but Jay-Z gives the whole endeavor more forward momentum.

Kia Makarechi, Huffington Post:

Neither rapper beats their all-time best performances here, but as messy as putting these two careers on the same disc could have been, it's hard to be anything but impressed ... Today, the sons of Brooklyn and Chicago did us all proud.

Sounds to me like this album's got some flow, no? OK, so while I may have taught hip hop for a few years during my teens, I'm not exactly a high authority when it comes to the latest and greatest. One thing's for sure: The tracks on Jay-Z and Kanye's latest Watch the Throne are monumental in their genre, and I'm definitely planning on taking a listen tonight. The physical CD will be on sale in stores this Friday, August 12.

Will you be checking out Watch the Throne this week?


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