'Glee' Producers Make More Very Bad Decisions

Jane LynchIt should be a good week to be a Gleek. Glee: The 3D Concert Movie hits theaters Friday. Throw on a pair of funky glasses, and you can pretend Mark Salling is singing right to you! If only the Glee producers hadn't totally ruined the week before it's begun. You know that preview you've seen with Sue Sylvester warning the flick sucks? If you watch the show for a taste of her snark, she might be right.


The folks who make all the decisions about our lovable losers from Lima have yanked Jane Lynch from the movie. Essentially a documentary that tracks the Glee tour, the original shot of the movie included our favorite tracksuited-star's appearances on the big screen while the kids were touring. And if you watch the trailer, not only does she show up at the end in typical Sue fashion, entreating viewers not to waste their money, but there's a shot of her with the New Directions as if she was onstage. Ryan Murphy claims she'll be on the DVD version.

He might as well have said: skip the pricey tickets at the theater and wait until you can order this one from Netflix (OK, or Redbox for all you boycotters). We might watch it for the music. But we love it for the one woman who can call Mr. Schue SpongeHair SquareChin and get away with it.

Oh, and if you weren't going to see the movie anyway, because you're a bit of a purist, don't go thinking you're off the hook. The tribute episodes? The ones that inspire entire Twitter debates over who should get the Glee treatment? The kind that gave us the awesomesauce that is Jane Lynch Vogueing? Yeah, those are gone too.

Fox’s programming president Kevin Reilly says they're going "back to basics," getting rid of guest stars and tributes to musical stars. Which means no Sue the Grinch and no Sue getting physical with Olivia Newton-John.

I'm going to say it: the Glee producers have started this Gleetastic week off on a sour note. What do you think? Do you agree with their choices?


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