Robert Pattinson Is Officially the Sexiest Vampire

robert pattinsonIt's official. Robert Pattinson is the sexiest vampire in all of the walking undead. Sorry Alexander Skarsgard (although we love you, too -- no really, we do). Last night at the Teen Choice Awards, our boy RPattz nabbed the award for Choice Vamp -- and seriously, would you have expected anything else? He's Edward Cullen, the original sexypants vamp.

Robert did what he does best last night -- and then some. He charmed the pants off of the audience, as well as us viewers at home, with his humble, casual attitude. He thanked his fans graciously over shrieks and screams, then got a little sexier.


In his speech, Robert talked about Cancer Bites, a new campaign that's aiming to raise awareness about blood cancer. He spouted facts and figures, and seemed genuinely passionate about the cause. Sexy, smart, and kind. Swoon!

Oh, Robert. We thought we couldn't love you anymore, then you had to go and do this.

Alexander, looks like you've got your work cut out for you.

How sexy is Robert Pattinson?


Image via Nancy Hoft/Flickr

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