Sean Kingston's Jetski Accident Turned His Life Around

Sean Kingston, the singer who was in an awful-sounding jet ski accident just a few months ago, is back in the entertainment game. In his first public appearance since the accident, Kingston walked the red carpet yesterday at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards—and the dude is making recovery look good.

First of all, he's peeled off about 45 pounds, and while I wouldn't recommend the Crash Your Jet Ski Into a Bridge and Nearly Die in the Process Diet, Kingston not only looks healthy and happy, he says he's "doing great, feeling good, and feeling blessed."

After multiple surgeries, including the repair of a torn aorta (an injury his doctors said 90 percent of people don't normally survive), Kingston says the accident has convinced him to be more cautious:


What the accident basically taught me is, in life, you have to count your blessings. You just got to keep God present at all times and think about the consequences.

It seems like he's got the right attitude about this whole thing. After a broken jaw, a busted wrist, and water in his lungs—not to mention the little business of open-heart surgery—Kingston has every right to be hiding out somewhere, recuperating while watching hours of bad reality TV and eating too many Ding-Dongs. I mean, I sort of think that's what I'd be doing.

Instead, he's hitting the gym, working to improve his strength from where it was even before the accident. For a guy who was pushing 300 pounds at just 21 years old, it's great that he's getting on a healthier track now. He sounds motivated to get back in the studio and ready to enjoy a second lease on life.

Sometimes it really does seem like things happen for a reason, doesn't it? Not that I'm saying a terrible accident is something that should have happened to him, it's just that Kingston seems to be taking this opportunity to really appreciate what he's got. Who knows what sorts of long-term changes this could mean for the rest of his life—maybe he'll avoid some of the more clichéd rapper fates now that he's got a brand new perspective.

Do you think an accident like that can change a person's life for the better?

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