'True Blood' Recap: Shocking Twist (Maybe) Kills Major Character!

bill and jessica true bloodSPOILER ALERT! If you didn't see tonight's True Blood Episode 43: "Cold Grey Light of Dawn," stop reading now! Trust me, there's no way you saw this one coming. And I'm not even talking about Sam finally losing it on his no-good sewer rat of a little brother (after that skin-walking stunt he pulled last week?! About damn time, I say!), or that creepy ghost lady singing to Arlene's baby in Lafayette's kitchen or Andy's V withdrawal freakout.

No, tonight's cliffhanger came as such a shock that I can't, in good conscience, even drop any hints until after the jump. Far be it from me to ruin the viewing experience of my fellow Truebies! For now, I'll stick to a topic that won't surprise anybody: Eric and Sookie. More sex! (Different positions!) Alexander Skarsgard in the buff! Plus, some really cute cuddling afterwards. Aww.

So, get ready ... "Read More" at your own peril! You've been warned!


Okay ... is Jessica dead?? It sure wasn't looking good for her at the end there, when Marnie/Antonia's spell forced her to break free from her silver chains and stumble drunkenly into the daylight. (This is going a bit off-topic, but the first thing I noticed about that last shot was how great Jessica's vampire butt looked in those jeans. Hey, "good butt" jeans are hard to find! I wonder what kind she was wearing.)

Anyway, they wouldn't really kill off Jessica already, would they?? She's just a baby! Not to mention the fact that she's poised to stir up some serious trouble, having finally admitted (to Bill) that she's not as deeply in love with that sad-sack Hoyt as he is with her. Of course, she might not be dead -- Jason is already en route to save her, and I can't think of a better way to kick the couple's  brewing romance into high gear. You know Jason and that savior complex of his ... rescuing a damsel in distress could be just the ego boost he needs after serving as an unwilling sperm bank for hillbilly were-panthers.

And of course Jason is just what Jessica needs right now. I mean, let's face it: Hoyt is the only guy she's ever had sex with. Ever. And sure, he's a sweet guy and all, but ... can you say vanilla? 'Cause you know that's the only flavor she's getting.

She can't die having only tasted vanilla! She's way too hot for that.

Do you think Jessica survived this week's True Blood?


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