'Watch the Throne' Just Might Make You Like Kanye Again (VIDEO)

watch the throne kanye jayz Kanye West can be annoying. The man is talented that is certain. But he's also skilled in the aggravating other people department. Ask Taylor Swift. On the other hand, Jay-Z, the jigga man himself, so not annoying. I love him. He is gooooood at what he does. He's got those sexy lips and has that sly look that is just wow. Plus, he's from Brooklyn, I'm from Brooklyn. And I love his wife (Beyonce!). So I have to say despite Kanye's annoying behavior, I'm really looking forward to Watch the Throne -- the oh so anticipated release of the Kanye/Jay-Z album that is hip hop history waiting to happen. And it's happening tomorrow, Monday, August 8th.

Lucky for us we have a sneak peak!


It's going to be amazing! Those shoes! "Sounds so soulful don't you agree?" Oh yes I agree! They even have Beyonce singing on a track. And as you can hear in this video snippet they sampled Otis Reading for a song. They also did the same with Curtis Mayfield. Swizz Beatz, The RZA, and Q-Tip are listed as producers on some of the songs. This. Is. Going. To. Be. Huge. Huge enough to help me love Kanye again. Don't screw it up, Mr. West.

The album will be available on iTunes.

Are you excited for Watch the Thrones release?


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