Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett Johansson Reuniting After Romantic Texts?

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Earlier this week Ryan Reynolds talked about how when he was a teen and had a little too much to drink at a party, he had the good sense to walk home instead of drive. He ended up getting hit by a drunk driver. Kind of nuts, right? He obviously lived to tell the tale and is okay, save for some aching bones now that he's older.

Well, weird things happen to Reynolds. You have seen the movie Waiting right? Dreadful in my opinion. His latest The Change-Up isn't getting the best reviews either. And another weird thing? The fact that he and his ex Scarlett Johansson are rumored to be getting back together. WHAT?

I have some theories on this.


First of all I always thought they were an odd couple. Scarlett is an indie type. And Ryan seems to be the kind of guy who was really popular in high school, threw frat parties, and made fun of book nerds. Scarlett seems to me like she once was one of those book nerds, quietly beautiful, smart, but sort of an outcast completely overlooked by the popular kids.

Yes, I know they are all grown up now, but there are parts of your personality formed when young that never changes.

Now when Scarlett was hooking up with Sean Penn, that made sense to me despite the age difference. This is Sean Penn we are talking about, a man with a roster of films to be admired (even or maybe especially Fast Times). The man has more manliness in his moustache than most men.

I just don't get that from Ryan. I'm not saying he's a bad guy -- he seems sweet and he's handsome but I see him more with someone like Sandra Bullock (his supposed friend) than Scarlett. I couldn't even see him with his most recent lady love Charlize Theron. But Hollyweird is weird.

Still news that ScarJo and RR hanging out again has been heating up since they have been seen having a romantic dinner together. Some little birds are saying that Scarlett really wants him back and she texts him all the time. Apparently they broke up because he wanted babies and she felt her career was her "baby." (Sounds a little Pitt/Aniston-ish doesn't it?)

Was it the beautiful Theron that made Scarlett insane with jealousy and make her realize, Hey! That's my man and I don't want anyone else with him!? Perhaps. It would sure make me re-think an ex if he was hooking up with Charlize. But this is Scarlett, we're talking about. A beauty. The woman my husband thinks is the third prettiest in all the land (besides me and our daughter of course). A woman who had Sean Penn and wants to get back with her former love, her ex-husband.

Alight. I wishing these two the best. I hope they reunite and make a million beautiful babies.

What do you think of Ryan and Scarlett getting back together?


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