JWoww's New Face Is Way Better Than Her Old One

jwowwThe premiere of Jersey Shore season four was last night and mio dio, it was spettacolare. It was so good to see my family back on the small screen -- oh how I had missed Snooki and crew! But who was the new girl? You know, the super tall, slim brunette with the giant rack and tight face? Oh! That was JWoww?! You don't say. She is looking good!

Really good. Like, ZOMG good. Usually young women who have Botox and fillers look terrible (ahem, Lohan), but somehow JWoww managed to scrounge up some cash and some class and got the best plastic surgery a reality TV show's salary can buy.


So first things first -- JWoww definitely lost some poundage. What do you think, 20 pounds? That's my guess. She went from just a smidge soft to rock hard and slender. That would account for some firmness in the face, but not all of it.


She's clearly had Botox in her forehead and crows-feet, and probably some fillers in her lips and around her nose. I'm not surprised at all that she had these procedures done, I'm just surprised at how well she pulled it off.

I mean, she's not exactly known for her taste. You've seen the show, I don't have to tell you. So whodathunk she'd get tasteful, well-done, understated, and appropriate Botox? I'm shocked and inspired. I want her surgeon's number.

Her boobs ... those are a different story. I wouldn't call 700 CCs understated. Those things look like two water balloons ready to burst at any moment.

Bella Firenze is know for its beauty, and JWoww's just adding to the gorgeous Italian scenery with her new gorgeous Italian face. I know it sounds weird how much I'm loving on her, but don't you think she looks amazing?! She was very pretty to begin with and I think her enhancements really play that up.

What do you think?


Photos via mtv.com

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