'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Ignores Scary Boyfriend Red Flag

jenelle evans teen momOMG, did you hear Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has come to her senses and ditched loser boyfriend Kieffer Delp so she can run home to Jace and act like a real parent? Of course you didn't! Jenelle hasn't earned her reputation as one of MTV's worst moms for making good choices. But more evidence is pouring out that her on-again/off-again relationship with "Reefer" should be cut off permanently.

For the second time this week, reports of Delp being arrested have come out of the North Carolina town where he and Evans pal around, avoiding anything that resembles responsible adulthood. Earlier this week it was a charge of attempting to steal steaks from a Food Lion, which doesn't sound that bad (in the scheme of things). Stealing is wrong, but at least it was food. If only that was the worst thing he'd done.


TMZ has just uncovered an arrest -- and a smarmy grinning mugshot -- from June, when Delp allegedly punched a man and a woman in front of a North Carolina convenience store. The girl was apparently a former friend of Jenelle's, the guy just her companion. Charges filed against Delp include simple assault and assault on a female.

Now we know from watching Teen Mom 2 that Evans has ignored every OTHER sign that something is wrong with this guy, but if Delp knocking around some other folks doesn't knock some sense into the girl, there is simply no hope left for her. Being a pothead loser who encourages her to steal her mom's credit card was bad enough. At least he wasn't violent.

But now he's facing accusations of getting physical. With a woman. Which means he's not afraid to raise his hand to ANY woman. Hello, Jenelle, honey, that means you too.

Even scarier? If this guy is violent around Jace, even if he doesn't actually hit the child, it could have devastating affects. Countless studies have showed children who witness domestic violence have similar reactions to kids who actually experience physical abuse themselves. They show more anxiety, low self esteem, depression, anger, and temperament problems than children who do not witness violence in the home.

Jenelle took to Twitter to claim she isn't with Delp (although recent photos all over the web tell a different story, and just the other day she was tweeting about having a boyfriend), but predictably, she's already out defending him:

@HeatherTMT no I'm not with him and no he didn't touch that girl that girl was the crazy fan who attacked me get yr facts straight

Is Kieffer someone Jenelle should keep around?


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