5 Freaky Plastic Surgery Faces (PHOTOS)

Of all the many body parts that can be affected when plastic surgery goes horribly awry, I think the face is the worst of all. There's no hiding an over-zealous lift or a grin so pumped up with collagen that it rivals The Joker's eerie smile. I'd rather have crow's feet than spend the rest of my life looking like I got perma-zapped by a stun gun.

nicole kidmanSo I feel for the celebs who've made the irreversible mistake of going too far in their quest to "save face": Not only do they not look younger and better, they look older and creepier. Forehead creases are not the end of the world, ladies! Here are 5 Freaky Plastic Surgery Faces.

Nicole Kidman. Wait, that is Nicole Kidman, right? Or is it a blow-up doll version of Nicole Kidman? The sad thing here is that Kidman was so gorgeous she probably would have aged well, anyway.


demi mooreDemi Moore. Whoops, did a flashbulb just explode in front of your face, Demi? Perhaps you're doing your best impression of a deer in headlights. I can tell you one thing -- if you were worried about looking "tired" ... well, you don't. In fact I'm scared you might never close your eyes again.

kris jenner

Kris Jenner. How do I put this gently ... Sweetheart, you're a spokeswoman for bladder incontinence. The jig is up. We know you're not as young as your daughters.

Bristol Palin. Okay, okay ... you needed "corrective jaw surgery." Which conveniently got rid of that double chin. But, um, do me a favor, Bristol. Raise your eyebrows. Are you raising them yet? You are? Oh dear, that's what I was afraid of ... look, I don't know who told you that Botox was appropriate for anyone under 30, but you really could've waited.

Kelly RipaKelly Ripa. Oh, Kelly. How I miss your facial expressions. You used to have emotions ... now it seems that you've been body-snatched, Regis-style. Where the real Kelly has gone, no one knows. All we have to remember her by is this wax model.

Am I forgetting anyone?


Images via Splash and ABC

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