Taylor Lautner's Abs Will Look Good on Your Man

Taylor LautnerWhen you think of rock hard abs, does Robert Pattinson come to mind? Or does Taylor Lautner? Yeah, dumb question. Taylor, obviously. So when The Huffington Post interviewed Pattinson's trainer on how to get a killer six eight-pack, I was a little confused.

RPatz is smoking, don't get me wrong, but his core strength isn't as unbelievable as Taylor's. Taylor's abs are something to behold. The kid looks like he was carved out of marble.

So forget Pattinson's routine, here's what Taylor does to get those beautufly, rippling muscles. (Be sure to share with your man.)

  • Move mountains
  • Do 1 million bicycle crunches before breakfast, eat an acre of corn, do 1 million after breakfast
  • Instead of driving, get where you want to go by carrying your car
  • Leg lifts: Lift every girl you meet up by the legs
  • Pull cruise ships into port
  • Bounce an exercise ball from Maine to Florida once a day
  • Climb Mount Olympus every afternoon and play racquetball with Zeus

That's how I picture it anyway. Taylor's routine has got to be way more intense than Robert's, right?

Who do you think has better abs: Robert or Taylor?

Photo via weballsweb.com

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