Kelly Osbourne Knocks Kate Middleton Off Her Royal Pedestal

kelly osbourneIt's a good thing Brits don't get drawn and quartered for treason anymore, because Kelly Osbourne would be next in line! Osbourne did the unthinkable when she actually -- gasp -- criticized Kate My-Feet-Don't-Touch-the-Ground Middleton on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Her gripe with the Duchess? Kate recycles designer outfits.

I know, big deal, but Osbourne made a good point when she said, "I'm sorry, but if I had that job, I would only wear it once. If I'm going to be the future Queen of England, I'm going to wear that dress once because I'm giving up the rest of my life, all of my privacy. At least I can get a new dress every day!"

I hear ya, Kelly. But the part I really love about what Osbourne said is simply that she said it at all. Because can I tell you something?


I'm sick to death of Kate Middleton ... and I'm an American! I can't even begin to imagine how oppressive the royalty worship must be if you're actually British. And while, as I said, Brits don't get drawn and quartered (or beheaded or stretched on an Iron Maiden) for treason anymore, I think the underlying mindset prevails ... royalty should be kept on a pedestal.

I have nothing against Kate or Will or anybody else who shares the regal bloodline, but isn't it high time somebody knocked them off that pedestal? It's just bizarre to me that we're still honoring a tradition in which people are given positions of power, influence, and wealth as a birthright. Think about it. How is it even remotely appropriate to validate such an outdated concept at this point in history?

Maybe it's because she's royalty herself -- rock royalty, that is -- but Kelly Osbourne has guts enough to stand up and shout, "The Emperor has no clothes!" Or, more accurately, "The Duchess needs new clothes!"

Were you secretly relieved to hear Kelly Osbourne diss Kate Middleton?


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