'Teen Mom' Dad Corey Simms Is Addicted to Teen Moms

Corey Simms Leah MesserEver feel like watching Teen Mom and its spin-off Teen Mom 2 is like taking a bath in a giant tub of depression? We had a bright spot there for all of five minutes when Leah Messer and Corey Simms, parents of those delicious little twins, got married in a redneck version of a white wedding. But Corey is apparently more addicted to fame than happily ever after.

In the midst of a divorce (which will apparently play out on the next season of Teen Mom 2; set your DVRs) for cheating on his wife, the man in the camo hat is already hooking up with Nikkole Paulun. The teen mom from Michigan appeared on the second season of 16 & Pregnant. For those keeping track, that's the same season that introduced the world to Leah, Corey, and their baby girls.


OK, so they're divorcing, they're free to date. But this is America. There are plenty of girls out there who haven't appeared on MTV and don't have "verified" Facebook accounts for their fans to get updates on their babies (and baby daddies). If he'd picked one of them, we wouldn't have to wonder if Corey's following the Levi Johnston rebound road: do ANYTHING to stay in the spotlight.

What's next? Playgirl? With that ridiculous hat covering his privates?

Corey was the dad we all thought had it going on. Watching him cry during Leah's episode of 16 & Pregnant, worried that he wouldn't get to spend time with his daughters if they remained broken up, I was choking up myself. He was just that dedicated to his kids. Then we saw him practically push Leah down the aisle because he was just "so" committed to marriage. But the speed by which the marriage fell apart -- ostensibly because of his open pants policy -- makes you wonder if he was committed to family or committed to keeping himself in the spotlight. 

He played with Leah's heart to get her right where he wanted her then, and he's apparently STILL sending her flirty texts. And now there's Nikkole, who is 17 years old (she'll be 18 in September), and has her own dating drama to deal with. Ex-boyfriend Josh, father to little Lyle, was caught forging checks this spring and is now in jail, AND behind on his child support. You couldn't craft a more perfect "victim" for a player than the needy teen mom.

Have you done a 180 on your opinion of Corey? Are there any bright spots LEFT on this series to keep you watching?


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