Mila Kunis Speaks Russian, Internet Freaks Out (VIDEO)

mila kunis & justin timberlake

Have you guys heard the one about a Ukrainian actress who's fluent in Russian speaking Russian at a Russian press conference to a Russian reporter who asked her a question in Russian? Hmm. Nothing sounds that weird, right? I mean, am I missing something? So here's the thing: Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are in Moscow promoting their crap basket of a movie, Friends With Benefits, when a reporter asks (in Russian, obvs) why Justin is doing movies and not making music. Then Mila defends Justin (in Russian) and the whole Internet freaks out.

Listen, I love freaking out on the Internet. It's kind of what I do best, second only to eating Mango Popsicles with one hand and typinksjdnfk with the other. So I don't want to be left out here -- I want to freak out, too! But I don't see what the big deal is! Mila speaks Russian! Is that what everyone is losing their ish over?


Is it because she's hot and speaks Russian? Literally, I am grasping at Russian straws here. I guess that's it. Or maybe fans forgot she is Ukrainian, came to the States when she was 7 years old, and learned English from watching The Price Is Right. True story. Maybe because she was on That '70s Show, which is about as American as apple pie, people have forgotten that she's not a born and bred USAer. Guess props to Mila for nailing the American accent so well!

Anywhoosle, Mila snaps at the reporter who asked the (apparently) idiotic question about why JT's into making films and not albums (which I think is a valid inquiry ... I'd like to know). Mila retorts, in Russian, "Why movies? Why not? What kind of question is that? Why are you here?"

Burn. Or as they say in Russian, "гореть."

Oh, and I saw Friends With Benefits last Monday. It was horrendous. If you liked that Disney Channel movie Model Behavior starring Justin Timberlake from way back in 2000, you'll like FWB. It's pretty much just as entertaining.

What do you think of Mila's Russian defense?

WATCH her take on the reporter here:

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