Even Regis & Kelly Want Alexander Skarsgard to 'Get Naked' (VIDEO)

alexander skarsgard regis kellyGasp! I do believe it's been over 24 hours since I've posted any unabashedly Team Eric content. My sincere apologies to Alexander Skarsgard, the most stunning-est (yes, I know that's not a word) specimen on True Blood. Why, you ask, is he the stunning-est? You want proof? Let me put it this way: The man got Regis Philbin all hot and bothered this morning. Regis Philbin. For real.

Skarsgard's visit to Live With Regis and Kelly was full of surprises (awww, Alexander quit working as a child actor because he didn't like all the attention! He was shy!!), but no surprise was quite so surprising as the way Regis reacted to the celeb's presence. I mean, of course we all expected Kelly Ripa to swoon. But Regis?


Seriously, for a few minutes there, I almost thought Reeg was going to climb right into Skarsgard's lap. Which would have worked in a weird way, since Regis looks positively elfin next to Skarsgard (who's so tall that he couldn't really sit in the guest chair, he just sort of leaned up against it).

And then came the Naked Talk. It all started when Kelly asked Alexander if it felt strange for him to be so frequently disrobed on the set of True Blood. To which Alexander replied, without skipping a beat, "I'm Swedish." (Oooh, he looked really hot when he said that!) The implication: In Sweden, we roam the countryside wearing nothing but Viking helmets and sandals, as our most stunning-est physiques make clothes a criminal offense.

Perhaps Alex actually felt more uncomfortable wearing clothes, suggested Kelly. Maybe he'd feel better if he got naked? "I'll hold your shirt," she offered.

"I'll hold your pants!" Regis piped up, looking more alive than I've seen him look since 1991.

Sadly, Alexander could not be convinced to strip for his morning talk show debut. But that's okay. Unlike Regis, who clearly sees Skarsgard as a sex object, I appreciate other things about the actor in addition to his body.

His face, for example.

Do you think Regis Philbin is crushing on Alexander Skarsgard in this video?

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