'Real Housewives' Launch Political Smear Campaign

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Just this week the buzz began that actor Kelsey Grammer is seriously pondering political ambitions. Mayor of New York? Perhaps. The staunch Republican told the New York Post that the transition between actor and politician would be an easy one as it takes a "narcissistic personality" to succeed. Smart guy, plus he has the cash to make a decent run for it.

But out of the gate he faces some fierce opponents who are looking to stomp and burn his hat long before he ever has a chance to throw it into the proverbial ring -- The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They have already started slinging mud.


When asked about his political aspirations, Kyle Richards told People: "He's got to learn how to run a family first before he can run a city."

Lisa Vanderpump got sarcastic: "He's such a good example of great morals and family values. I'll be voting for him with a kick up the a--."

DIE! Okay, no one said that, but wow are they ferocious. Good thing they can't vote in New York. While I don't disagree, I'm not sure why they're so quick to derail him though. It's not like any of them liked Camille Grammer anyway.

As for the former Mrs. Grammer herself, she tried to keep it dignified (for once): "I might be thinking it, but ... it's better that they say those things than me."

I'm no fan of Camille, but honestly she's lucky she got out when she did. If she was bothered by his cheating before, well, we all know that once elected, most men become even bigger big fat cheaters. So she likely just saved herself some heartache down the road when she'd have to stand up beside him at a press conference while he confesses his affairs and secret love children. His new wife can do it instead.

Would you vote for Kelsey Grammer?

Image via bravotv.com

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