Samantha Ronson's Mugshot Does Not Say 'I Surrender'

Samantha Ronson mugshot
Samantha Ronson
Who knows what's really going on with DJ Samantha Ronson, who was busted on suspicion of DUI yesterday morning before 10 a.m. She was always the one who seemed to keep it together when she and Lindsay Lohan were an item, but perhaps she has a problem with alcohol too. DUI arrests often result in a "wake-up call" for the person caught drunk behind the wheel, but sadly, probably more often than not, they simply boil down to the first in a series of "flashing red alerts" to friends or family members who may not have known the extent of the person's boozing.

Sam's newly released mugshot sure doesn't reveal any enlightened messages of regret, guilt, shame, or surrender. But then again, she doesn't really seem like the type to ever publicly drop her tough-girl exterior. Not for a second. Which could be her downfall if she's not careful.


Let's face it. A DUI, especially amid rumors of heavier-than-usual drinking, is definitely a red flag for some sort of problem with alcohol, but there's no way of knowing if Ronson is in deep trouble with a drinking problem or just made a one-time series of bad choices on Monday morning, driving much too soon after a night of heavy drinking.

Sam Ronson is no stranger to addiction and witnessing what it can do to a person, having dated Lindsay Lohan during the height of her drug and alcohol binges. She even recently wrote a lovely piece about Amy Winehouse, who worked closely with her brother Mark Ronson, saying:

Sadly, her death does not come as a shock to most due to her public struggles with addiction, but still it’s a shock to me. She almost seemed invincible to me, she always seemed to clean up just in time, until today. 

That "invincible" kind of thinking is really scary when it comes to addiction. Kelly Osbourne had the same comment about Winehouse, saying that she always seemed to be able to pull it together, despite her addiction issues. To really know addiction is to really believe how deadly it can be -- even when you least expect it and always when your guard is down. Addicts, especially functioning ones, work really hard to make it seem like they're holding it together.

It might not be fair to read too much into the "Eff You" scowl Sam's exuding in her mugshot. I just hope, if this is a moment of clarity for her, she drops the attitude long enough to see it.

Do you think it's fair to read into Samantha Ronson's mugshot smirk?


Image via San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office

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