Lady Gaga's Freaky Costume Inspirations Revealed! (VIDEO)

kids nightmares lady gagaIt doesn't matter if she's grocery shopping or heading to an interview with Howard Stern -- Lady Gaga is ALWAYS in full regalia. Lace mask, penis heels, egg yolk dress, Cruella De Vil locks or Smurfs-inspired bob, Scorpion hat, whatevs. It's just another day, another kooky outfit from the Mother Monster. The unexpected is what we expect from her now. But that doesn't mean we've stopped trying to figure out where she gets all of her out-there ideas!

LandlineTV recently did a video that played on this very curiosity that most of us have considered at one time or another. Where DOES Gaga find her inspiration? According to the jokesters, she has a brood of children hooked up to machines while they sleep, and she and the Haus of Gaga pilfer ideas from the kiddos' nightmares. It actually makes a LOT of sense!


Here's the video ...

Now, okay, Gaga fans could very easily see this as a cheap jab, an insinuation that Gaga's some wacky "Hansel & Gretel" witch who takes advantage of little kids to get her million-dollar ideas. But I don't see it that way, actually.

I think the video is more an ode to her than anything else. It just proves she's on top of the world, and creating crazy magic that we're all desperate to figure out. It proves that she’s doing something so unique and thought-provoking that we’re struggling to wrap our heads around where she comes up with it all. And sure, there are others who do nutty stuff (like Katy Perry, who is mentioned as almost an afterthought in the video), but Gaga's the one we're most awestruck by. She's the one we're going to keep wondering about.

What do you think of this video?

Image via LandlineTV

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