Samantha Ronson Channels Lindsay Lohan’s Bad Behavior

I always figured Samantha Ronson was the stable one in the bizarre on-again, off-again relationship she's had with Lindsay Lohan, but apparently all those years of holding Lindsay's hair back and defending her girlfriend's various criminal pursuits have rubbed off on her—Ronson just nabbed her first DUI this morning while driving home from Las Vegas.

Ronson was rolling back to L.A. in her Porsche Targa when she was pulled over for speeding, and failed a field sobriety test after showing signs of being impaired. As surprising as it seems to hear about the seemingly normal slice of the Lindsay-Sam sandwich getting busted, the really weird thing about her arrest is when it occurred.

I mean, driving drunk at 9:48 a.m. is kind of unusual, don't you think?


Ronson admitted that she'd been drinking late in the evening (technically early in the morning, I'd guess). She went to bed, got up in the morning to hit the road, and by 9:48 a.m. she ended up blowing a .08 on the Breathalyzer.

The whole thing is actually kind of a scary reminder that even if you think you're sober after a night of drinking, it's never a good idea to get behind the wheel of a car until your blood-alcohol concentration has had time to settle back into legal limits. A BAC% of .08 isn't exactly shitfaced—it's right at the limit in California where Ronson was arrested—but obviously it's enough to make you impaired and get you in a whole mess of trouble.

Who knows what really happened, maybe Samantha Ronson had a Lindsay-sized tumbler of vodka for breakfast or something, but I can see it going down like how she described. Not that it gives her an excuse, but she's a scrawny little thing who probably doesn't burn off the booze very quickly. I'd think if she was normally a big partier, we'd have seen more photos of her stumbling around after her DJ gigs or joining Lindsay in a hearty bout of drunken bank-robbing or whatever.

Still, there's something oddly disappointing about Ronson's arrest. After all this time of remaining mostly trouble-free in the midst of Lindsay Lohan's drama, she finally got nabbed for the one mistake so many celebrities seem to make: not hiring a driver. Next time, Sam, get a DD for that fancy Porsche of yours.

Are you surprised to hear about Samantha Ronson's DUI?

Image via Flickr/NightRStar

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