'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Thinks a Tattoo Makes Her a Good Mom

Jenelle Evans is probably the worst "mother" on MTV's show Teen Mom. Between her trouble with drugs and crime and her inability to be responsible in any way, her parenting has taken a back seat to her exploits. But rather than improve her parenting skills and work on being a better parent in general, Evans did what any insane, terrible mother would do to prove their "love": She got a tattoo with her son's name.

Is she getting Mom of the Year yet? Great for her, she loves her son. I believe she does and the tattoo is actually cute, but it's going to take a lot more than some ink to make her a good mom.


Let's bear in mind, she got this tattoo during a trip to LA with friends and was walking down Hollywood Boulevard Sunday night before she decided to get a tattoo. Well, at least it should help her fit in when she heads to prison this month!

Even her attorney can't save her from her parole violation, which may send her to prison for 45 days. The probation violation came after she tested positive for THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) on July 13 and admitted she had smoked marijuana.

It seems like bad life choices are pretty much her forte, which is excellent for her. She can mess up her 19-year-old life all she wants. But they are not so great for Jace, her little boy who surely wants his real mama, not his grandmama, and would like it if she started acting more like a mom who actually loves him rather than one who gets tattoos to prove it.

Tattoos are awesome and they're especially awesome when there is meaning behind them. But how can a woman who barely sees her child and, when she does, she calls it "babysitting" possibly claim she loves her son enough to ink his name.

Something is wrong here.

Do you like her tattoo?

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