Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Admit They're as Fake as We Thought

heidi montag & spencer prattI never thought I'd say this, but I actually feel sorry for Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. The villains of The Hills turned into fame whores so fast that my head spun. One second Heidi is LC's BFF bouncing around parties in L.A., the next she's married to a puppeteer who encouraged her to have 10 plastic surgeries at the ripe age of 23. They were so unlikeable and, to me, not the least bit sympathetic. Until now.

Speidi sat down with The Daily Beast and talked about their new reality as a couple without the cameras, without the attention, and without the accompanying paycheck. I'm shocked at the remorse and regret they revealed.

I ... I ... I feel bad for them.


Like, I-want-to-send-them-a-Hallmark-card-with-a-check-for-50-bucks-inside bad for them. The blond couple is so broke now that they're living in Spencer's parents' house in Santa Barbara so that they don't have to pay rent. The $2 million they likely amassed from The Hills and appearance earnings has been used up -- $1 million or so Spencer admits to spending on clothes. The other half? On Heidi's "pop music career."

They were so into the characters they portrayed that they didn't mind spending all their money on things they thought would extend their brand. They literally thought they could pretend to be the villainous Speidi for the rest of their lives and make money doing so. I guess when everyone hates you in 2008, it's hard to imagine that by 2011 no one will even care about you.

I think the saddest part is when Heidi says that if she could turn back time, she wouldn't have had the surgeries, and that no, she doesn't talk to her mother anymore. Unfortunately, that part was real -- the riff caused by Spencer has driven her far from her family. Oh, and this was pretty sad, too, when Heidi described their day-to-day life:

We’re watching movies. I do a lot of laundry. A lot of laundry. We’re training our dogs, so I’m cleaning up less poop inside, which is great.

The ice around the part of my heart that hated Speidi and their fame-hunger thaws a little when I read stuff like that. I can't believe they admit that they were so wrong, so very wrong, about the longevity of reality stardom and its "career path."

Heidi's on some VH1 show no one cares about, Famous Food, and Spencer says that if MTV called and asked him to be the outcast asshole on Jersey Shore, he'd hop on a plane in a heartbeat just to earn some dough.

Oh and all those breakups? Fake. They never broke up, were never close to divorce.

It's sad, isn't it? Just so so sad. The mistakes they made as young 20-somethings on reality TV will haunt them for life, and at 25 and 28 years old, they're already hated has-beens. But what are ya going to do? That's show biz. (Author bites cap off pen, starts making out check to Speidi.)

Do you feel bad for Heidi and Spencer at all?

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