Attend Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries' Wedding Without an Invitation (VIDEO)

kardashian wedding invitationPictures of the wedding invitation for the nuptials of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were recently "leaked" to TMZ. From what we can gather from the "official invite," the event is indeed on August 20, it's hosted by Kris and Bruce Jenner, it will be black tie, and it will take place in Montecito, California. But one thing is missing from this boxed invite: the address.

Questionable style choice of wedding invitation aside (really, who came up with that criss-cross K emblem!?), how are you going to invite guests to your wedding and not tell them where the whole she-bang is going to be held? I get it. Kimmy wants to keep things on the hush hush. But not to worry, fellow Kardashianistas! Here are five surefire ways to figure out where the ceremony will be on the big day:


1. The click of Louboutins. Considering Kim and Kris are welcoming more than an estimated 1,000 guests at their wedding, there's gonna be a lot of heels. I have no doubt once you get inside the Montecito city limit, you'll be able to hear the thunder of clickity-clicks!

2. Fireworks permits. If there's one thing I learned from Nick & Vanessa's Dream Wedding on TLC, it's that helicopters cannot fly over an area with a fireworks permit. To keep paparazzi out of the big day, the couple may just decide to pull this classic move. There's surely a way to find out where matrimonial "fireworks" are going off in town.

3. Cars on parade. The Kardashians hang with an elite group of high rollers. And, of course, high rollers have a lot of nice things, including a Mercedes or two (or three). Follow the line of tinted windows, Rolls-Royces, and limos, and they'll lead you to the wedding locale in no time!

4. Overbooked accommodations. All those guests are going to need a place to crash, right? Call the area hotels and see what's booked. This way, if you can't get into the actual wedding reception, at least you can attempt to crash the after-party!

5. Camera crews. The Kardashians don't do anything off-camera. Follow that film crew in Montecito and odds are you'll find its focus on a Kardashian (or a Jenner) who will lead you right to the wedding extravaganza.

Get a closer look at the wedding invitation, here:

Are you looking forward to Kim and Kris's wedding day?


Image via E! News Now

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