'Teen Mom' Spoof Is So Real, It's Scary (VIDEO)

16 and well-adjustedWhat does it say about our society when it takes a faux-reality show to demonstrate how unreal reality has become? Oh dear, I probably lost you there for a minute, forgive me. Let me try this again: How twisted is our sense of normalcy when reality shows like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant are no longer the punchline, but a spoof called 16 and Well-Adjusted is hilarious because its concept is so outrageously unlikely?

And hilarious it is. 16 and Well-Adjusted, from the sketch comedy group Landline, is nothing short of brilliant. The characters are barely even exaggerated, because they don't have to be. Just flipping the situation is enough to point out the craziness of the original pretense: "While all the rest of my friends are busy doing normal teenage stuff like deciding between getting an abortion, adoption, or keeping their babies, I'm stuck completing high school on time and having a healthy relationship with my parents," complains un-knocked-up protagonist Anne in a voice-over.


It's on par with one of SNL's best parodies. I think my favorite scene is when Anne and her boyfriend Cam have the classic "relationship argument on the parents' couch" moment: "It's tough because, like, all my friends are leaving their pregnant girlfriends and getting ready to be absent fathers," drones Cam in typical teenage boy monotone. "And we're, like ... totally fine."

Of course, as is the case with most effective comedy, 16 and Well-Adjusted uses humor to pose a significant question: Why do teens in trouble get all the attention?

Although, sadly, I'm afraid the answer is more simplistic than one might hope: Troubled teens are far more entertaining.

Anyway, enough deep thinking for now. Watch this, it's really funny!

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