'True Blood' Recap: Bill Makes Me Like Him Again

bill true bloodAnyone who's read any of my True Blood recaps knows that I'm a card-carrying member of Team Eric. In fact, lately I've been wondering if Alexander Skarsgard doesn't have my name on a list of "potentially crazed stalkers." So I'm somewhat surprised by my reaction to True Blood Episode 42: "I Wish I Was the Moon."

Before you jump to any conclusions, I am NOT a Truebie turncoat -- Eric is still the one and only vampire for me. But here's the thing: I used to at least like Bill a little bit, even if he did pale (ha!) in comparison to Mr. Northman. So far this season, though, Bill has done nothing but irritate me. Used to be his humble, unassuming side that made him hot: You know, in that Awww, he's so pretty and damaged kind of way. Now that he's been lording over all of Louisiana with his whole Look at me, I'm the king shtick ... give me a break, Bill, really?


I didn't think King Compton could even begin to make up for his obnoxiously authoritative behavior as of late. When we got the sneak peek at the end of last week's episode showing Bill busting in on Eric and Sookie's long overdue make-out session, I assumed I'd be spending most of this week's installment shouting at the TV like a rabid sports fan whose team of choice just blew the big game.

But then, in a stroke of genius (not that he even knew what he was doing!), Eric succeeded in shattering Bill's brittle royal facade ... on his knees, no less! (Wait, not like that.)

Bravely, quietly prepared to accept the True Death -- sure, Bill, you want to knock Eric off because Marni's spell made him a danger to your kind, whatever -- Eric makes his last request with all the wide-eyed innocence of a lamb at slaughter: "Tell Sookie I was born the night she found me. Because of her I went to my death knowing what it is to love. Tell her ... thank you."

Props to Stephen Moyer for his superb acting in this scene -- the look Bill gets on his face here is priceless. Yeah, good luck turning Eric into a puddle of vampire goo now! When Eric adds that he hopes, after he's gone, Bill and Sookie find their way back to each other because Sookie deserves happiness, whoever can give it to her ... well, shoot. If Eric really loves Sookie, Bill can't kill him! Awww, because Bill really does still love Sookie! He's not the arrogant a**hole I was afraid he'd turned into!

So by letting Eric go free, Bill has at least temporarily redeemed himself in my eyes. Particularly since his act of mercy made the following Eric/Sookie scene possible, in which the episode's "full moon" theme really paid off, if you get what I mean. Swoon!

Do you think this was Bill's best moment all season?


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