Robert Pattinson in Your Bedroom All Year! Swoon! (PHOTOS)

robert pattinson coverI've never been much for calendars, or wristwatches, or any other device/system designed to help human beings stay on a schedule. But I will happily make an exception for the Robert Pattinson 2012 Calendar! It's not available yet -- though you can pre-order it on Amazon -- but some of the incredibly sexy shots have been leaked already and ... what can I say?

Looks like 2012 is going to be a pretty good year! You'll never dread the first of the month (bills! rent!) when this baby is hanging on your bedroom wall ... in fact, the hardest part will be stopping yourself from flipping to the next month before the current one is even over.

And now, for a glimpse into your very, very handsome future ...



robert pattinson calendar 2






And you thought August was a hot month before! Thanks to RPattz and his smoldering stare, you might actually burst into flame next summer.









robert pattinson calendar 3



See you in September! Back-to-school season has never looked this good. Nope. Never.






robert pattinson calendar 4






Guess what? I'm running away with Robert Pattinson and never coming back ... April Fools! (Or is it? I guess we'll find out next year.)












robert pattinson calendar 5



So many Robert Pattinsons, so little time ... I'll take two of the Roberts in the upper left-hand corner, please, and three of the Roberts from the bottom row, second to the right.









Are you suddenly very excited for 2012?


Images via Amazon

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