Kirstie Alley Gets Best Fat Joke Revenge on David Letterman (VIDEO)

Kirstie Alley looks absolutely incredible for her age, and Thursday night, when she was on David Letterman, it was clear she knew it. "Pretty Woman" played as she walked out and talked about her weight loss and also about her new weight loss company. But she also took Dave to task for mocking her weight in a conversation that seemed more than a little unfair.

Look, I love Kirstie Alley. Dave loves Kirstie Alley. Who doesn't love her? She is spunky and hilarious and beautiful. But she was, in her own words, "a chub" before she did Dancing With the Stars. She lost 30 pounds! And Dave Letterman is a comedian. If it makes people laugh, he's going to say it, and fat jokes make people laugh.

So why call him out? See below:


Kirstie is a good sport and she always has been. She also looks amazing and many people want her secret. She is smart to capitalize on that and to try to help others lose weight.

But she is no champion of body acceptance. If anything, she is the opposite. She agrees fat is bad and even funny (doesn't she make light of her "chub," too?). So why hate on Dave? The moments were awkwardly funny and good-natured, too. But can't we all agree she looks a million times better now and call it a day?

His job is to make fun of people, and like it or not, she fell into his cross hairs (literally) when she fell on Dancing With the Stars. But like the consummate professional and all-around awesome lady she is, Alley got back up stronger than ever.

She is way above calling people out for the past. He made his jokes, but she got the best revenge. She looks incredible. No one is laughing at her now!

Do you think it was silly to call Letterman out?


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