Jason Alexander Crusades for White People Devastated by Netflix (VIDEO)

Netflix has raised their prices by $6 a month and many are seriously considering boycotting the DVD rental place because of it. And to those people, Jason Alexander (and I, too) must say one thing: CHILLAX.

Seriously, people. We are talking about a few dollars per month for movies. Get over it. The new plan means that those who want both DVDs by mail and streaming online video pay at least $16 per month. Now, Netflix has been bundling both options in a single package for as low as $10 per month. 

Jason Alexander has a hilarious take on the devastation many are expressing on Twitter and Facebook over the impending rate hikes. His Funny or Die video says it all: $6, people. This doesn't make Netflix the Internet equivalent of Pol Pot. A little perspective please. See the video below for a good laugh:


Are you laughing? Well, some people really are this upset and it has Netflix worried. What if everyone defects to the Red Box?

Let's face it, Netflix needs to update and change their product if they want to succeed. The streaming is good, but they need better, more current titles if they want to keep their customers.

But for people like me, $16 a month is a very, very small price to pay for the ability to watch a movie a few times a month and not have to trek out to the store.

Get over it people! Let Jason Alexander guide you!

Are you upset about Netflix prices?


Image via Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar/Flickr

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