Amy Winehouse May Have Died Trying to Get Sober

amy winehouseThe moment Amy Winehouse died, the world had one collective thought: Overdose. The only question, really, was what substance, or combination of substances, did the troubled singer in at last. But there is another possibility, one that Winehouse's family believes could be to blame for her death. Perhaps it wasn't an overdose that killed their daughter but an under-dose ... of alcohol.

In this time of carefully monitored rehab stints and recovery-as-reality-TV, we don't hear much about alcohol withdrawal syndrome, but it's not uncommon -- and it can be fatal. Long-time alcoholics like Winehouse can put their bodies into a state of shock when they quit drinking suddenly, as Winehouse's parents say she did shortly before her death. The symptoms aren't pretty.


"Mild" cases of alcohol withdrawal can involve anything from sweating and hallucinations to fever, migraines, and delirium tremens (the DTs). Sounds bad enough, but severe alcohol withdrawal syndrome is far worse, causing everything from seizures to tachycardia to psychosis, hypertension, and death.

Any of these symptoms could have been aggravated by the presence of other drugs in Winehouse's system, and depending on how frail her health was recently (quite frail, reportedly), it's absolutely conceivable that alcohol withdrawal syndrome could end up being the official "cause of death." Which would make the Amy Winehouse story even more tragic ... she wanted to get sober, but her body didn't, or couldn't.

If only she'd reached out for help -- medically supervised detox could have saved her life.

Do you think Amy Winehouse might have suffered from alcohol withdrawal syndrome?


Image via Fionn Kidney/Flickr

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