'Glee' Star Darren Criss Meets His Lady Match (VIDEO)

WarblettesI didn't think tributes to Darren Criss (excuse me, Blaine) and the rest of the Warblers could get any better than the Mini Warbler, Kellan Sarmiento. But as Criss himself pointed out on Twitter this week, they so can. Trend alert! Girl Gleeks are where it's at.


The new official member of the cast (Criss got a regular contract for the gig along with Harry Shum Jr.) Tweeted a shoutout to a bunch of "Warblettes" who were hanging out on the streets with little Kellan, singing the now famous Glee version of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" a capella while the little man in the suit rocked out with his signature dance moves. Said Criss:

To the Warblettes in the pink sunglasses who are performing on fourth street right now- what a cool sight to see! Thanks for the support, I love you! Rock on! #sdcc

The sunglasses are a tribute to Criss himself, who popped on a bright pink pair for the hilarious pairing of Glee stars and YouTube phenom Keenan Cahill that made lip syncing seem cool. They could have just grabbed them off a shelf somewhere. But some of the ladies were also sporting their own black jackets with the signature red piping that sets the boys from Dalton apart from their singing competition on the show. That requires planning and proves these talented singers are part of a whole new trend: female Warblers.

In fact, a real Warblettes project is underway in Canada, where college student, photographer, and movie soundtrack addict Jen Stuber is bringing together women from around the world who love the Warblers. Based on auditions (many of which you can check out on Facebook), she's in the midst of picking 12 "Warblettes" who will each sing a portion of a song a capella and upload it. Melded together, the finished project will be what Stuber calls "A Warbler Appreciation Project."

What do you think of this trend? Check out the video of a bunch of Warblettes with the Mini Warbler and tell us if they're as cool as the kid:

Image via YouTube

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