Justin Bieber Reveals His Freaky Side (VIDEO)

justin bieber dad tattooOkay, Justin Bieber. We need to have a talk. I get the whole tattoos-are-cool thing ... hey, I've got a couple myself! Because tattoos are cool: They're an artistic, meaningful way of showing the world what a badass you are. Especially if you get your tats when you're a teen. With a rebel yell! Nobody can tell you what to do.

Except your dad, apparently. Dude, you need to understand -- the fact that you went to get tattoos with your dad immediately knocks off about 100 badass points. The additional fact that you and your dad have matching tattoos ... well, that's very unfortunate, my friend. I'm not gonna lie to you.


Maybe if the tattoos were of flaming skulls or zombies on motorcycles or the Grim Reaper sticking up his skeletal middle finger, maybe you could earn just a teensy bit of street cred. But this latest dad/son design is of the Hebrew word for "Jesus" ... oy vey!

Not that we're going to find any of the other tattoos Justin and dad Jeremy share on the forearm of a Hell's Angel or anything: The Biebers reportedly both have the outline of a star on one elbow and the outline of a seagull on one hip. The Hebrew word for "Jesus" might actually be the most hardcore of them all.

Following that logic, maybe getting his 'n' his tats with your dad is the most freaky, subversive stunt a teen could possibly pull off. Maybe? Nah. Sorry, I was trying to give Biebs the benefit of the doubt for a minute there. Didn't work.

Anyway, I guess it's all in the name of fun and parent/child bonding and such, and I'm not judging -- really I'm not.

I'm just lookin' out for The Biebs here, I swear. For whom I have one piece of final (crucial!) advice:

Think before you ink!!!

Do you think it's freaky that Justin Bieber and his dad have matching tattoos?


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