Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth Were So Wrong for Each Other

alexander skarsgard kate bosworthA moment of silence for what was the nearly 2-years-long relationship of Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth. Boo-hoo, boo-hoo. How will they ever love again? (Are you sensing how very not sad I am to hear this news?)

Really, though, even if I didn't worship daily at the altar of Alexander Skarsgard, I'd still have to say it's a good thing that this couple finally landed in Splitsville. Everyone (you know, all those unnamed sources) agrees that the breakup has been coming for a "long time." And even those of us who don't have a direct line of communication set up with either actor (unless you count the telepathic connection I have with Skarsgard -- wait, what crazy lady just said that?!) can see that the Viking Vamp is better off without Ms. Bosworth. Here are 5 reasons why ...

  1. Kate and Alex together are too matchy-matchy. Who does she think she is, trying to out-Nordic that beautiful Swede? Those two together are nothing more than the blonde leading the blonde -- and we all know where they'd eventually end up (lost!).
  2. Kate is a Capricorn, Alexander is a Virgo. Capricorn women are known for trying to mold their men into the perfect mate, and Virgo men do not appreciate being anybody's project. As if Alexander were anything remotely close to a fixer-upper!
  3. Kate's eyes are two different colors -- one is blue and the other is hazel. Clearly this means she must be a witch, and we're all learning how well witches and vampires mix on this season of True Blood (not well!).
  4. Kate is 28, while Alex is 34. Sure, it doesn't sound like a huge age difference, but ... okay, it's not a huge age difference. So what? She's still wrong for him. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
  5. Kate's breakout role was as a surfer (Blue Crush). Alexander's breakout role was as a marine in the Iraq war (Generation Kill). A surfer with a soldier? Puh-leeeze. Preposterous. Unheard of! Just the worst idea ever.

Don't you think Alexander Skarsgard is soooo much better off without Kate Bosworth?


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