'Teen Mom' Recap: 9 Positive Moments Gave Me Hope

It is easy to dwell on the negatives and the depressing truths about the moms on MTV's Teen Mom. It almost always seems like they're messing up in some major way. But Tuesday night on Teen Mom, there were actually some major signs of improvement.

We talk a lot about the messes these girls have made of their lives, and it was true for a while. But as they get older and start to leave high school and even their teens behind, (some of) the girls (and boys) are getting their priorities straight, maturing, and turning into pretty good parents.

It's the other side of Teen Mom we don't get to see on 16 and Pregnant, and it's pretty cool. Here are 9 signs they are getting better:

  1. Maci made a really good decision to move back to Chattanooga and focus on her school, and that convinced Kyle to move with her. Score! She did the right thing and got what she wanted in the process.
  2. Amber gets what really matters. Despite everything bad one can say about Amber -- and there is plenty -- she seems to understand what it takes to be a good mom. She is still not sure how to get there, but are any of us? At least she gets it.
  3. Catelynn and her mom are in counseling. It isn't perfect and April still has a long way to go, but she seems to love her daughter and be willing to make an effort, which is a vast improvement.
  4. Farrah is pretty focused on Sophia and seems to have her priorities right now. When she needed to go to court, she went. There is no more dating and scattering her energy. She seems to really value her daughter and is turning into a pretty good mom after all.
  5. Bentley loves Kyle. If your biological parents split, the best case scenario is to really love your stepparent, and in this case, it seems to be going in that direction. Kyle loves Bentley, too, which may be even more important.
  6. Leah will clearly always have Gary and his mother. They may not be the best in the world, but they clearly love that little girl to pieces. Even when she has a messed up mom, she is lucky to have a stand-up dad who she can rely on if she needs him.
  7. Tyler is so wise. Seriously, where does this boy come from and how can I make my son more like him? He is so wise and mature, and he supports Catelynn emotionally, seems to know what she needs, and is willing to go into counseling. How is this kid 18?
  8. Ryan is getting more involved. Say what you will about the kid and he has taken his sweet time in maturing, but he is getting there. He loves his son, which is a huge step in the right direction.
  9. Farrah and her mom are getting along again. I don't know what happened between Season 2 and Season 3, but the fact is, Farrah's mom is a different person. While I still cringe at the way Farrah talks to her, the two seem much closer and Farrah gets a lot of parental help with Sophia.

Do you think the moms are improving this season?


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