Jennifer Aniston Gives Prince William Style Advice Without Consulting Kate

jennifer anistonGosh dangit, I love Jennifer Aniston. She seems like a lovely person to have a drink with (call me!), her boyfriend is smoking hot, and now she's sticking up for Prince William and his balding head. Bald men everywhere, rejoice!

The former Friends star was being interviewed on some British radio show when the reporter asked her if she thought Wills should get hair transplants to combat his thinning 'do. Jennifer, a little taken aback by the question ('cause, seriously, what does this have to do with her?), gave the classiest and bestest answer ever.


The convo went like this:

Reporter: There's a rumor in the palace that they've been saying Prince William should get a hair transplant. What do you think about that?

Jennifer: Who's "they"?

Reporter: The people in the palace.

Jennifer: I think he should just let whatever's happening happen. Don't you? Well, now if we see him with a hair transplant, we're going to be like, "Oh, he had a hair transplant"... I think there's nothing wrong with it, like Ed Harris, come on. Gorgeous.

How cute is she? And what a great answer. I particularly like it when she asks, "Who's 'they'?" It was like a little bit of a "screw you" to all the haters out there, but done with a kiss. And what great advice, too. I mean, she's right. The media would all but explode if Prince William got hair plugs. It would be fodder for every tabloid in town. And her sweet compliment at the end, calling him "gorgeous" -- so cute. Jennifer, please, be my friend.

Side bar, I'm totally with Jennifer on the whole Prince William's thinning hair thing. I mean, he's a prince. Does it really matter if he needs a little Rogaine? And he just landed a moderately attractive wife. What's the diff? But I digress.

Jennifer Aniston continues to prove herself as one of the nicest, non-ditzy, down-to-earth actresses in Hollywood. I mean, could you imagine any other celebrity answering this question so eloquently? Kim Kardashian? Nope. Gwyneth? No way. (She tells people they're fat, remember?) How about Angelina? Hell no. The reporter would have probably been too scared to even ask her after all the flowers in the room died the moment she walked in.

So, thanks for giving a great answer to a totally idiotic question, Jen. Not only have you reminded us all why we love you, you've given tons of bald dudes hope.

How great was Jennifer's answer?


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