Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton's Renewed Friendship Could Make Freakish Has-Been TV

lindsay lohan & paris hiltonOMG -- LL and PH are BFFs again! Lindsay Lohan went over to Paris Hilton's Malibu beach house this weekend for a little get-together. Lindsay and Paris were once friends, then frenemies, and now they're back to being friends.

Paris and Lindsay danced a little, hot tubbed it up a little, and hugged a little at the small party that included guests such as Nicky Hilton and Emma Roberts. And apparently, no one saw LiLo drink anything alcoholic, which I find hard to believe. I'm pretty sure one needs a stiff drink if one is going to hang out with Paris Hilton, but kudos to Linds for keeping the lid on her partying.

Anyway, I don't know whose career could benefit more from this rekindled friendship: Lindsay's or Paris'?


Paris was recently called a "has been" on GMA, then kind of sluggishly slumped off the interview set. Guess she didn't take that news too well, that her star is losing a little bit of its luster, so maybe that's when the call to LiLo was placed because it's not like Lindsay's star is exactly on the rise, either.

Maybe the two thought they could drum up more press and publicity by hanging out again. I don't want to give Lindsay too much credit by suggesting she saw an opportunity to get her name in the press in a friendship with Paris, I just think she's lonely -- but either way, it's working. I'm writing about it, aren't I?

So with Paris as a C-lister and with Lindsay has an un-insurable liability, does anyone else smell a reality show burning up the charts? The Simple Life: Blonde Ambition Sober Tour 2011 would be incredible with Paris and Lindsay ... I would probably purchase cable solely to be able to watch it.

And I know I don't have to tell you this, but it's only a matter of time before Britney Spears shows up. 'Member when they were the Brit Pack back in 2006? With all their stars starting to dim a bit, it might be time for a reunion.

Do you want Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton to have a reality show?

Photo via americaistadechiapas/Flickr and Alex CD/Flickr

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