Mick Jagger Is Hotter Than Rock Stars Half His Age

mick jagger keith richardsHappy birthday, Mick Jagger! The legendary Rolling Stones frontman turns 68 today, and say what you will about the aging lead singer, he's still the hottest rock star ever. EVER. That's because he's not just a rock star, he's The Original Rock Star. Jagger paved the way, set the course, wrote the effing book for countless musicians to come, but none of the rock stars to follow in his footsteps have ever come close to filling his shoes.

It's not their fault exactly, these lesser rock stars; you can't learn charisma (though you can certainly try to copy it, as many do). But Mick was born with those lips, that obscenely full mouth suited as well to a sneer as a pucker. All the collagen in the world couldn't replicate Jagger's mouth, just like all the coaching in the world couldn't teach another singer to roll his eyes or shimmy his hips the way Jagger does.


We will never see his equal, because there will never again be as perfect a storm of rock star-producing events like there was when Jagger rose to the top. The Rolling Stones' generation was ripe for rebellion and Mick naturally became their poster boy. But he never made the mistake of losing his inherent "Mick-ness" by playing the role of earnest, political troubadour: The Rolling Stones cared about only one (three-part) cause: sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. In fact, before the Stones, before Jagger, no one had ever combined the three to such an intense effect.

Today's rock demi-gods know it's true. I can only assume that's why Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera recently debuted their first single together, "Moves Like Jagger," an homage of sorts to Mick. Even now, with Jagger fast-approaching his 70s (not THE '70s), musicians know there's no point in escaping his influence -- so, might as well write a blatant song about it! File that one under Techniques for Making Your Rip-Off Look Like a Tribute.

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, Adam, but you really don't move like Jagger at all.

Need proof? Check out this clip of Jagger at his absolute best.

Who do you think is the hottest rock star ever?

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