Taylor Lautner at 10 Was Just as Breathtaking (VIDEOS)

Taylor LautnerIf you're Team Jacob primarily because of Taylor Lautner's abs, join the club. I can't be the only mom who paid a little too much attention to the day the Twilight star turned 18. (Right? Come on? Please?) That six-pack is a gift straight from St. Sebastian, patron saint of exercise (yes, Lautner's Catholic, ladies).

And thanks to a bunch of videos of a much younger Taylor Lautner that have resurfaced again on the Internet, it seems ol' Sebastian's been busy!


Before he was Taylor Lautner, werewolf who can tear big bad vampires to shreds, he was Taylor Lautner, kid with wicked moves at the US Open's martial arts championship. Starting karate at 6, the now 19-year-old eventually trained with Michael Chaturantabut, known as the "extreme martial artist" (and one of the Power Rangers), and spent time on the International Sport Karate Association tournament circuit honing that beautiful bod. And thanks to the glories of the Internet, here's a look at Taylor Lautner over the years:

Ten-year-old Taylor loved him some AC/DC when he had to take part in a "musical" skills competition in 2002.

Taylor at 11, showing off his skills with a bo staff during the 2003 US Open:

Think he looks like a badass with a weapon? I wouldn't want to meet him in a back alley bare-handed either:

Taylor at 12, once again showing off his bo staff, this time at the 2004 Championships in a white karate gi:

By 13 he was on Access Hollywood doing his thing, but it didn't make him any less of a wild thing on the mats:

And one last taste of Taylor over the years that features him just the way his fans love him: without a shirt on:

Do you have a hankering to pull out the Twilight movies and get a look at Taylor again?


Image via Breaking Dawn: The Movie

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