Adrianne Curry Is Too Hot for Comic-Con (PHOTOS)

Self-proclaimed 'queen of the nerds' (and original America's Top Model winner) Adrianne Curry isn't exactly known for her demure outfits. In fact, she's sort of made a name for herself by tweeting a seemingly constant stream of photos that show off her enviable curves—but apparently there's one place her smoking hot body isn't wanted, and that's Comic-Con. According to Curry, she was escorted from the convention after police deemed her costume too revealing.

Wait, what? A sexy woman was actually kicked out of Comic-Con for being too sexy? Nerds, it's like you're TRYING to get people to mock you.


Curry was dressed as Aeon Flux (the original animated character, not the lame-o Charlize Theron version), and while her top half was mostly covered in latex, her ... ah, lower assets were exposed. In what you could almost say was a cheeky manner.

After tweeting, “just got stopped by a ton of cops…my costume is illegal…the butt….sigh," Curry left with a Red Modesty Cloth of some kind tied around her rear, then eventually reappeared in a pair of skintight leather pants.

What's weird is that no one had any problems with Curry showing up at a Star Wars convention looking like this:

Nor did anyone at Comic-Con object to this woman's (NSFW) costume. (Yeeeeeesh.)

Why do you suppose Adrianne got the boot for showing her butt? I guess you could argue that there are kids at Comic-Con, but come on. Aside from the gadget-hawking booth babes at CES, I can't think of another convention that is virtually guaranteed to include such a large number of scantily-clad women, even if they are often sporting green facepaint and hand-sewn tentacles.

My only guess is that she was attracting a crowd because she's Adrianne Curry, not necessarily because of her costume, and the cops were just bored and frustrated because they couldn't get into the Twilight panel. Hey, it's a theory.

Do you think Adrianne Curry got unfair treatment at Comic-Con?

Images via YouTube, TwitPic, YouTube

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