Leighton Meester's Money-Grubbing Mother Makes 'Mommy Dearest' Look Good

Think your relationship with your parents can be strained sometimes? Count yourself lucky to not be in Leighton Meester's shoes, because the Gossip Girl star is embroiled in such a bitter fight with her mom that it's escalated to dueling lawsuits.

Meester is currently filing a suit against her mother Constance, saying that her mother is misusing the cash Leighton sends home each month for her youngest brother Alexander, who has severe health issues. Instead of spending the $7,500 on her son's medical care, Constance allegedly uses the money for Botox, plastic surgery, and hair extensions.

The family drama gets worse: Constance has filed a counter suit, accusing Leighton of attacking her with a bottle last December. Oh, and reportedly the suit also claims Constance "sacrificed her happiness" to support Leighton's acting career. So she'd like some money, of course. For the emotional distress


I sure hate to take sides in such a private, complicated disagreement that is certainly none of my business but ... well, WOW, could Leighton's mom BE any crazier-sounding?

I mean, let's start with the fact that Constance Meester gave birth to Leighton while in federal prison, where she was serving time for her role in a ring that smuggled drugs from Jamaica. And then let's move on to the restraining order filed against her earlier this year by former friend Laurel Wiig, who said Constance threatened that she was going hunt her down and kill her. That's when Leighton fired her mom from being her manager, which cut Constance off financially and probably triggered this whole Gossip-worthy mess they're in now.

Obviously there's no way to know the full story here, but I tend to side with Leighton. If for no other reason than Constance is suing her own daughter for breach of contract, saying she was promised $10,000 a month from Leighton. What kind of mother does that? Get a goddamned job, lady.

The sad part is that just one year ago, their relationship was completely different. Last summer, Leighton told a magazine:

My mother Connie inspires me. She's an amazing woman. When I was a kid I wanted to be an actress and she completely backed me. She is her own person, very eccentric, very individual.

Maybe instead of spending all this cash to lawyer up, the two should invest in some family counseling. What do you think?

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