Amy Winehouse's Autopsy Results: Did She Really Die of a Drug Overdose?

Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse's autopsy results came back today as "inconclusive," which basically just means the forensic pathologist was not able to come up with enough physical evidence to determine a clear cause of death. So does this mean Winehouse, well known for her drug and alcohol use, didn't overdose on drugs, as we all suspect. Nope, it doesn't mean that at all.

Singer Michael Jackson, actors Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy, and model Anna Nicole Smith all initially had inconclusive autopsies as well; however, as we all know now, drug intoxication played a part in all of their unfortunate and too-soon deaths.


Autopsies simply rule out an array of natural death causes like pneumonia or heart failure, as well as many overt forms of foul play (although Amy's death was ruled non-suspicious by police investigators at the scene). We've been through enough of these well-publicized Hollywood deaths to know by now that an inconclusive autopsy report isn't really that uncommon, especially when the cause of death is likely a lethal combination of alcohol, illegal drugs, and/or prescription drugs.

In other words, stay tuned. It will take two to four weeks for toxicology tests to come back in order to find out what we think we already know. These tests can also reveal whether Amy's death was an intentional or unintentional overdose, for whatever that information is worth.

More than anything, since her fans and the public know Winehouse's troubled history and have already heard that she was out scoring drugs the night of her death, this information is mostly for Winehouse's family and friends. It can help bring them closure after all her struggles and help relieve their grieving hearts of any glimmer of "what if."

Do you think Amy Winehouse's toxicology will come back to reveal a drug overdose?


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