Teen Mom's Catelynn & Tyler Don’t Have It Easy After Adoption

On Teen Mom, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have just rented their first apartment against the wishes of his mother, but the show was filmed months ago and the two teenagers have since been evicted for not paying their rent. All of this raises the question: Why are their lives just as bad as the people who chose to raise their children?

The couple lives in Marine City, Michigan and they haven't paid their rent since December 2010. It makes no sense. Their decision was difficult and emotionally wrenching, but just from a purely logistical standpoint, their lives are easier than the lives of the women/girls who chose to raise their children.

There are no babies to find sitters for if they want to go out or study into the night. No one disrupts their sleep or keeps them from making their rent money. So why are they still not high school graduates (on the show)? Why are they getting evicted?


The whole reason they chose adoption was to give Carly a better life. It seems they have done that. But what about themselves?

Catelynn and Tyler are my favorites in many ways. They're such sweet and giving old souls, so when they mess up, it's extra sad. Tyler has a great mom to fall back on, lucky for him, but Catelynn's relationship with her mom is very shaky. Sometimes it seems like Tyler might be better off if the two of them split for a while.

Catelynn and her mom are the reason Tyler moved out of his mom's place in the first place. He wouldn't have even needed a place to stay if Catelynn came from a more supportive family. He didn't want to make her live alone and he screwed himself in the process.

Of any of the parents on this show, I want to see these two succeed the most, so this setback is upsetting. Let's hope these two get it together. The fact is, moving in together at 18 without even completing their high school degree may not have been the brightest plan.

These two need to get back on track and quickly.

Do you think they made a mistake moving in together?


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