George & Cindy Anthony Make a Pathetic Plea for More Publicity

Caylee AnthonyCountry group Rascal Flatts recently released a new song titled "She's Going Places" dedicated to Caylee Anthony. It's an emotional tribute to the little girl who was at the center of the murder trial of Casey Anthony who walked free last week, and a lovely one at that. What isn't lovely is that now George and Cindy Anthony are making a public plea to meet the group and thank them.

According to TMZ, after the couple heard the song, they reached out to the band and requested a meet-and-greet. Really, couldn't they just send a thank-you note? And aren't they supposed to be in hiding anyway? Step away from the spotlight already, Anthonys.


They have had their share of struggles for sure, and whether they're to blame or not in some way for much of what happened with their daughter and granddaughter may never be fully known. What is known is that they don't need to draw any more media attention to themselves by using their granddaughter's death to meet celebrities. It has all been so much of a circus already, they just need to mourn privately and fade away, not continue to seek the spotlight, as their daughter surely will.

The band is reportedly thinking about whether they want to meet with the Anthonys or not. Hopefully, they will graciously decline the request, wish the family well, and go on making beautiful music instead of enabling what would surely be used as an opportunity to garner attention for the foundation the Anthonys hope to start and some kind of pat on the back for them.

If you haven't heard the song yet, it's worth a listen with heart-wrenching lyrics like these:

She was just a baby, barely 2 years old
A story that shouldn't have to be told
See that little girl with big brown eyes
Stole our hearts and touched our lives
Now we cry, 'cause we can't understand

Making it even better -- 100 percent of the profits will be donated to the National Association to protect children

Do you think Rascal Flatts should meet with George and Cindy Anthony?

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